Municipel Unit of Lambi

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.. consists of the 16 local communities– alphabetically (total 34 settlements):

  • Agia Galini (with Xirokambos)
  • Akoumia (with Triopetra and Vrisses)
  • Ardakto (with Agia Paraskevi, Aktounda and Vatos)
  • Drimiskos
  • Karines
  • Kentrochori (with Platanes)
  • Kerames (with Angalianos and Agioa Fotini)
  • Kissos (with Kissou Kambos)
  • Kria Vrissi (with Nea Kria Vrissi)
  • Lambini
  • Melambes (with Agios Giorgios)
  • Miksorrouma (with Agia Pelaia, Ano Miksorrouma and Frati)
  • Mourne
  • Orne
  • Saktouria (with Agios Pavlos, Kato Saktouria, and the islands of Paksimadia 1 + 2)
  • Spili (with Dariviana)

Until 1997 the designation for today’s municipality of Finikas (including today’s municipality of Lambi) was: Province (eparchia – επαρχία) Agios Vasilios. In the course of realizing theKapodistrias program of 1997 (comprehensive Greek municipal reform) the term ‘province’ was abolished and replaced by the term ‘municipality’ (Dimos – Δήμος), which until then only applied to urban communities. The province of Agios Vasilios has now been split up into the independent communities of Finikas (Dimos Finikas) and Lambi and Finikas had their administrative center (town hall) in Plakias.

That already elsewhere mentioned Kallikratis-Law 2010 for the renewed reform of the political structure of Greece led to the fact that the independent municipality of Lambi was subordinated as the municipality of Lambi to the new overall municipality of Agios Vasilios (together with the likewise previously independent municipality of Finikas).

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