New push vor wind farms in the prefecture of Rethimnon!

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Translation of the original:

On March 21, the Rethymno Forest Department issued TERNA with a number of permits to install wind turbines at sites in the municipalities of Rethymno, Amari and Agios Vasiliio, many of which are within NATURA protected areas.

This means that the installation of wind farms at these sites is imminent as TERNA has obtained new special project producer licenses for wind projects it has not previously built. So, just looking at the RAE map, it becomes clear that the construction of the pump saving project at Potamion Dam will not prevent the emergence of new wind farms all over Crete, not even in Rethymno. br/ br/ The representatives of OAK em (Organization for the Development of Crete) /em and the Municipality of Amari have convinced the Amariotes that they will be spared from wind turbines if they accept the pump factory. TERNA, who recognized the ‘gallantry/generosity’ of the communities of Amari and Rethymno as she deserved and who granted her their precious water for energy consumption – at the moment when the movement against water privatization is igniting across Greece – is now filling Arcadi and Amari with pinwheels and trying to gain a foothold in the community of Agios Vasilios.

We see how the hinterland of Rethymno is turning into an industrial area and an investment zone that has nothing to do with development or energy transition. This is land grabbing, violent alteration of the unique Rethemniotic cultural and natural landscape and looting by the corporations.

Rethymnon, which was one of the first prefectures to respond to the installation of wind turbines, is once again facing a new onslaught of wind turbines. Now that the anti-wind movement has flared up everywhere and any ‘suspicious activity’ in the mountains, across Greece, is being reported and blocked by hundreds of citizens, TERNA gets approval to install wind towers on ten peaks in the prefecture and it seems like this is just the beginning

On the map of RAE… we have described in purple the updated facility areas of wind ‘farms’ where permits have been issued for the installation of wind turbines at the following locations:

# ‘CUP 1’, ‘CUP 2’ und ‘GARGANI’ municipality Rethymno, P. H. E. Rethymno.

p.m. CUPS:. Next to Arkadiou Monastery, opposite Amnatos and Kyrianna, above Mesi and Ag. Triada, next to Harkia. The village of Kavousi is entirely within the wind farm!

GARGANI: In the Natura area, in Harkia, above the Potamos dam, next to the upper reservoir of the planned hybrid, opposite Boleones, Pantanassa, Patsos.

# ‘GASPARIS 1’ municipality Rethymno P. H. E. Rethymno.

p.m. GASPARIS: In the Natura – ZEP area (Special Protection Zone for Birds) in Maroulas, above the Prassano Gorge, opposite Chromonastri and Roussiti.

‘AGALI’ Gemeinde Rethymno P.E. Rethymno
Note AGALI : In a Natura – ZEP area (Special Protection Zone for Birds) in Vryssinas, above Roussoapiti and Chromonastiri, above Prasses and the Prassano Gorge.

# ‘MAVROU KORYFI 2’ P.E. Rethymnon

Note MAVROU KORYFI: In the Natura area, above Arkadiou Monastery, opposite Eleftherna, northeast of Ag. Fotini, about Thronos and Kalogeros,

# ‘AGRIMOKEFALA’ Municipality of Rethymno P.E. Rethymno.

Note AGRIMOKEFALA: Southwest of Armeni, south of Agios Konstantinos, above Agouseliana, north of Good Sykia, between Koumon and Mountros.

# ‘KOUROUPA’ and ‘XIRO’ PE Rethymnon.

Note KOUROUPA – DRY: In the Natura Area – ZEP (Special Protection Zone for Birds) on both sides of Kourtaliotis.

KOUROUPA: opposite Atsipades, Koxare, über Asomato, Lefkogia, Myrthios, Mariou, Plakias.

XIRO: next to Frati and Drimisko, above Lefkogia, Gianniou and Preveli Monastery.

# The installation of a wind turbine is also planned in PRASOKEFALA, a rural area between Karines, Lampini, Spili.

The image of the PE of Rethymno on the Energy Regulatory Authority map screams on its own that we should not allow something like this to happen.

Together we can stop them!


Taken from FacebookΣυντονιστικό-Ρεθύμνου-κατα-Βιομηχανικών-Ανανεώσιμων-Πηγών-Ενέργειας-ΒΑΠΕ-257113148100336/
Automatically translated, with some corrections by me + italic inserts in brackets.

The original text:

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