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How can you support me in maintaining these pages?

  1. With critique and suggestions for improvement

    If you don’t like something (content, design, presentation), then please speak up. Of course, this also applies to positive critique.

  2. With Information

    If you have information about our community of Agios Vasilios that you think is worth presenting here, please contact me.
    We will find a way to publish them here if possible.

  3. With a hint what related websites might link to me

    It would also be helpful if you know of Crete/Greece sites that could link me to increase my reach. I can then approach them and ask for a link. Of course, you can also contact such sites directly and ask them for a link (in this case, I would be very grateful for a hint of it).

  4. With the passing on of this website presentation

    Please pass on the link to this page to anyone you know who has a connection to Plakias and the surrounding area, or to Crete in general, or who expresses an interest in getting to know this island.
    Also use the share buttons on the pages.

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Updated: 11.04.2024 — 10:28

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