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Finikias monastery before the restoration, 2016

I am very aware that I have neglected these pages badly for some years.

That I’m about to change now.
Little by little I want to complete the presentation of the villages of Agios Vasilios (which means a lot of work), first for our Finikas, then also for the Lambi.


Restored monastery of Finikias today (2023) as church and folk museum Sellia

In any case, I want to serve the blog part more actively. News from this area should now be published more regularly, if possible once or twice a week, or even more. Reports will be taken from other media (mainly Greek) and translated into German and English.

In addition, I will try to expand the blog with more of my own posts.

I will be grateful for every comment. Likewise for corrections (content, language, …) and for suggestions of any kind.

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Updated: 10.06.2023 — 23:29

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