TV programme: In company with Aristea

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On the Cretan TV channel “NeaTV” there is a very worthwhile programme called “Παρέα με την Αριστέα”/”Parea me tin Aristea”/”In company with Aristea””.
In this format of about one and a half hours, cretan villages are presented quite extensively: village history, special features, traditions, culinary, handicrafts, sights, scenery, all this in the company of the locals. And last but not least, the Cretan music cultivated there is played live with the village mantinades (typical Cretan local songs).

Even those who are not sufficiently proficient in Greek to be able to follow the conversations held there should still watch one or the other programme. For already visually, an exciting picture of the village cultural landscape is conveyed.

On the NeaTV page of “Parea me tin Aristea” all 80 programmes produced to date can be accessed (and downloaded) directly (as of 28.05.24).

So far there have been four village presentations from our municipality Agios Vasilios:

Other villages not too far away within other municipalities are the following:

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Updated: 28.05.2024 — 23:05

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