Development plan for Plakias

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Already at the end of January 2020, “Rethimniotika Nea” reported about the remodeling works planned in Plakias, but only visible this year and not yet completed.
The completion of the changes to the promenade (new sidewalks, narrowing of the main road and new furniture) east of the Kotsifou (Mirthianos Plakias) seems to be finished soon. This means that the eastern section will still have to be redesigned, with the through road there becoming a one-way street. In addition, the construction of the ring road, held as a one-way road (presumably), is pending. Whether the laying, at least partially, of the new water supply network has already been done, is not clear to me at the moment.

The following is a translation of an article published by “Rethimniotika Nea” on 31.01.2020 about the underlying development plan:
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Development projects worth 3.5 million euros are underway for the area of ​​Plakias

From Elpida Aristeidou 31/01/2020 in Rethimno

Projects worth more than 3.5 million euros are being tackled for the Plakias tourist region. In particular, the big and important project for the southern tourist community in the regional unit of Rethymnon is on the way to implementation as the Regional Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis signed the decision to launch the project ‘Upgrading of local road network and selective measures for renewal of public spaces in Plakias settlement ‘ to be included in the Regional Development Program of Crete 2014-2020 with a budget of 1.78 million euros.

The aim of the project is to update and modernize the local coastal road network of the settlement of Plakias, which will also function as a hiking trail and improve accessibility for pedestrians and the disabled.

The project aims to highlight the built environment based on a sustainable approach. Thus, the connection to the beach while respecting the natural environment, the aesthetic and functional enhancement that improves the daily life of residents and visitors and, in general, the support of an urban-social-economic transformation of the area.

According to the project study, in the eastern part of the intervention towards Mirthios, it is planned to keep the central dual carriageway and build sidewalks on both sides of the road. A walkway will be built on the north side of the street, parallel to the drainage line, to allow easy and safe foot traffic in front of the shops in the area. Paths are created on the sea side, while at the end of the intervention a space with canopy and seating areas is created. In the western part of the intervention towards the Sellia area, it is planned to maintain one-way car traffic and to build sidewalks on both sides of the road. The construction of a cycle path is also planned on the sea side. The total length of the intervention is 700 meters.


What does the Plakias Regeneration Project study predict?

In detail, according to the study of the project entitled ‘Upgrading of the local road network and selective interventions for the renewal of public areas in the settlement of Plakias’, the following works are planned:

  • Repaving of the main street of the settlement.
  • Construction of new sidewalks.
  • Construction of a bike path.
  • Construction of a pedestrian walkway along the coast within Plakias settlement.
  • Stops will be created along the main street that give the pedestrian (resident or visitor) a central role in approaching the wet element or opening up the view of the sea.
  • Parking lots for vehicles (cars, taxis, buses) will be built
  • Necessary measures are taken to help people with disabilities (blind walkways, ramps, etc.).
  • Modernization of rainwater infrastructure.


Water supply network Plakias – Souda

At the same time, according to the mayor, the proposal to construct the Plakias-Souda water supply network and the construction of a new water tank in the Kato Rodakino settlement was included in the specific program for integrated spatial investments, for the inclusion of which in the overall budget a very short-term approval is expected.

The aim of this study is to modernize and optimize the operation of the water supply network in the areas of Plakias, Souda and the settlement of Kato Rodakinos.

The total length of the network is 11,800 m (from Kourtalioti to Plakias) and will consist of one pipeline with a cross-section of Φ200, Φ250 and Φ315 throughout the length.

A tank with a capacity of 500 m3 made of reinforced concrete will be built at the intersection of the pipeline with the Mirthianos-Plakias city road.

At the junction of the pipeline with the municipal road Myrtianos Plakias, a reinforced concrete tank with a capacity of 500m3 will be constructed.


In September, the construction project of the Plakias ring road will start

Next September the contractor was selected for another major project in the region involving the construction of the Plakias ring road and the widening of the Plakias-Souda road with a total budget of 1,800,000 euros. There is a contractor for this project, but it takes three months to validate and install the process. Due to the upcoming tourist season, the project will start in the next winter season.

Upon completion of the project, motorists will be able to drive to and from the west side of the settlement and into Souda without having to enter via Plakias.


Technical data regional Plakias:

  • Total length 200 m.
  • Opening 500m and extension of the existing 1,700m long network by building retaining walls.
  • Construction of a new bridge and widening of an existing one.
  • Average road width: 8 meters (pavement and asphalt).
  • Walkway 1.30 m wide over the entire length and lined with a ditch.
  • Construction of a water supply network: 1,600 meters.
  • Construction of a drainage network: 800 meters.
  • Lighting: along the entire length with lamps with photovoltaic systems (intelligent lighting).


Technical data of Plakias – Souda road widening project:

  • Total length 600 m.
  • Construction of 200 m retaining walls.
  • Average road width: 8 meters asphalt.
  • Walkway 1.40 m wide and 2,100 m long and lined with ditch.
  • Lighting: along the entire length with lamps with photovoltaic systems (intelligent lighting).
  • Installation of a 500 meter long safety railing.


“We are the first municipality to be approved for inclusion and funding from the CE program. This project will upgrade the area and the entire coastal front and in combination with the construction of the ring road and the widening of the road leading to Souda, for which we already have a contractor, will solve the most important problems that have plagued the region for many years, giving a new development path in the region,” he stressed in statements to “RethNea”. The mayor of Agios Vasileios, Yiannis Tatarakis, adding in relation to the ring road that “This project will not only give traffic breath, but will give a huge development boost and will contribute to the stimulation of the local economy, upgrading aesthetically, functionally and environmentally Plakias, since the movement of vehicles will be carried out outside the main main roads providing great safety for drivers and pedestrians.”


Elpida Aristeidou

To the original articlel.

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