Wind power in Finikas

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Resistance to wind power plants on the mountains of Finikas

The municipality of Finikas is opposed to newly attempts by the major energy groups to erect a wind farm on the Kouroupa (the mountain with the transmitter mast between the gorges of Kotsifou and Kourtaliotis). The current attempt on 06.06.17 to start quietly and secretly with construction work could be prevented, since the resistance movement, including the municipal representatives has been on place in time and the transporting trucks could not submit any official permits. They had to pull off and return to Heraklio.

Such wind parks do not serve the local supply of energy, but their export. Apart from this, they hurt tourism here in Finikas, they deceive the mountains and create a danger especially for the birds.

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Updated: 09.12.2017 — 19:28